I miss u, 2018 24. Januar 2019

Wood, plush, rope


Lonely and sad cat-tree misses his scratchy buddy.

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Sir Ozelot, 2018

Italien porcelain, stuffed cat


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Trashcan Darling, 2018

Silicone, metal, plastic, trash


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Incontinencia, 2018

Oil, acrylic, chalk and spraypaint on canvas
120 x 80 cm

Portrait of a golden greatdane with incontinence.

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Der Ursprung der Welt, 2018

Plaster bandages,

Plaster bandages,
Life-size, dimensions variable

Disposed and forgotten belly casts of 100 mothers.

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The Walking Dead, 2018 4. Februar 2019

Dead bumblebees, Sneaker
Euro size 44

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Feedback, 2018 24. Januar 2019

Siliconehead, stuffed geese, mixed media
Dimensions variable

Crime duck feeding. Diorama of a stoning with old bread

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Domestication, 2018

Ceramics, metal, prepared foxtail with anal-plug


Naturalistic replica of a human colon, clogged with a commercial sex toy.

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Pils Rosette, 2018

Digital print of an anus on a drip for beer glasses.

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Füchse sind gar keine Rudeltiere (Foxes), 2018

Garden statues made of synthetic resin, stuffed fox snouts


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getiltes Leid (tilt sorrow), 2018

Slot machines, spray paint

Original size

The demolished slot machines run in continuous presentation mode with light and sound,
but are not playable.

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